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I'm not finished yet

It's almost the end of the year probably a couple of days left and what a ride this year has been. Just amazing!!! A lot of changes throughout this year. People came; people left; Met new ones; left some behind, but still clinging to the best ones. And that's all part of life. I understand it and embrace it. But more importantly, thanks to all those people (friends, family, everybody) who were with me throughout this year by my side, helping me reach new heights. I could just wish, pray, and hope that this relationship would last forever. And thank you so much once again.

It's great to meet you guys back with another blog, probably the last one this year. Lemme keep it short and simple. So, without furthermore wasting our time let's begin.

So, how was this year for your guys? I hope you guys had an awesome time this year. I too really had a great time this year. But it would have been even greater if it was not for procrastination. Yes, procrastination. It's about procrastination this time.

For peeps who don't know what procrastination is, it's the habit of not doing something that should be done but you refused to do it or, you refused to do the work simply because you are lazy. And yes, we have all been there through procrastinating things making our lives harder and harder.

Procrastination is the thief of time. - Charles Dickens

Now, the mere reason why we procrastinate is to enjoy some free time. I read somewhere that procrastination is like using a credit card. It's all fun until you get the bill. LOL. And that's true. However, nobody except Lincoln said about procrastinating your responsibilities in the best way ever.

We cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by procrastinating it today - Abraham Lincoln

The problem with us is that we want to do things in a snap and get done with it as if nothing happened. And still, we want the pleasure of achieving something by doing nothing. But it's not the same when applied in reality. And Martin Luther King Jr. said it well and wisely

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step - Martin Luther King Jr.

For once can you imagine a life, where you did not procrastinate things, kept yourself busy, and engaged in something that made you happier and feels accomplished at the end of the day? It's incredible, right? But what stopped us from doing that? What did we achieve from procrastinating? Nothing. Yes, nothing would have been achieved. But we kept procrastinating on and on and on.

But in 2023, it's going to the different. We left procrastination f**k up our lives all this time. But this time let's f**k procrastination. Yes, it's a big word for a blog, but that's the highest of my expression to convey how much of our lives had been dommed by this one habit. And Jordan Peterson once asked

For 10 years, if you didn't avoid doing what you knew you needed to do, what would you be like? - Jordan Peterson

Ain't that a profound question to be answered? We all know the answer, but we also know what's the reason and who's to be blamed. But we ain't here to do that. Answering those questions will make no sense if you keep on answering them. Stop questioning and start doing. But there's a kick to the question. What are you supposed to do if you were so dedicated to something, you work so hard for that, yet you were never able to achieve what you wanted to?

Does it mean that you failed? Unquestionably not !!! Not for me. We may not be here to answer what Jordan Peterson asked, but we are here for this one. And the answer lies within. It's all about the effort that you put in. The progress, the growth, and more importantly, the failures you've been through. All, these will be the definite measures of your success, even if you didn't achieve what you wanted to. But make sure you are pushing your ceiling higher and higher each time you look back at your progress.

All I know is everytime I think I hit my ceiling, I'll go higher than I've ever f**king been - Eminem (Higher 2020)

And here's the best piece of advice for procrastination that I came up with. Overcoming procrastination is not a simple thing to master. But we can use procrastination against itself. Let's procrastinate on things that we don't want to do. If you want to eat healthily, but are tempted to cheat on your meal, procrastinate it. If you are addicted, no matter what you are addicted to, procrastinate your addiction. If you are consuming too much social media, procrastinate your consumption. Act lazy and procrastinate or postpone it to the other day. Keep it going. Do whatever you want to procrastinate what you don't want to do. You can follow this if you like it or you can comment your way of overcoming procrastination. So the others might find it useful.

The top of the mountain is the bottom of the next mountain - Andre De Shields

2023 is all about progress and growth. This year will be constant uphill battles with consistency and persistence. 2023 is the year to prove to nobody but ourselves that we are way more capable of doing greater things. And if you ever feel beaten down, just say "I'm not finished yet". Or remember Nike's slogan? Follow that.

So, onwards and upwards. Stay safe; Stay healthy. And finally, if I'm leaving you guys with anything this year, I'm leaving you with this one question

How hard will you try if you know how much successful you're going to become?

Thank you so much for the time taken to read my article & I appreciate it. However, most of my readers haven't subscribed yet. I humbly request you to subscribe to my blog to be the first to read my published article. And you can also follow me on Instagram. Thanks in advance and have a great day.


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Change YourMindset
Change YourMindset
Dec 31, 2022

Comment your way of overcoming procrastination.


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