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Is expecting low a better option?

Is expecting low a better option? This has always been a question that I ask myself occasionally but never got a clear picture of it. While thinking of this topic/question the first thing that pops up in my mind is, why should we expect low? why shouldn't we expect higher?

What's the reason for someone to expect low despite giving his or her 100 percent?

The reason for not answering those questions, no let me rephrase the sentence, The reason for not questioning it in the first place is because we all know the reason for it, still, we tend to do the opposite of it.

Were we taught by our parents to expect low or are we being a parent, have we ever taught our child to expect low?

The answer to this question should be no.

And here's the reason why the answer should be no. It is because of a simple thought that we don't want our children to learn about except or not expect things at a very young age. It's the purpose of their life to understand and choose what they want to be when they grow up. However, certain parents do teach their children at a young age, which is a pretty humongous task. But remember this one thing, as much as you have expectations on your child, your child will have the same level of expectations on you. So be wise in your decisions.

To expect low is to never expect anything in return. So, does it means it's bad to expect at all? The only question to be asked and to be answered is, have you provided enough to expect something in the first?

And just like Matthew McConaughey said about his hero in his life in his Oscar speech in 2014,

"If you think have provided enough, try to provide a bit more than you provided earlier, and then if you think you have provided enough to expect something, try to provide more than you provided earlier and thus the circle keeps moving on"

By following this, we can focus on the process and not on the result. Also having higher expectations beforehand always doesn't come out well. And this is the exact reason why most marriages end up in failure. Couples coming to know that their life partner is not up to their expectations after marriage is the major reason in all the cases. Similarly, even the simplest thing can bring you happiness if have low expectations.

There's always been a misunderstanding that to expect low is to dream low, to expect low is to have our desires low. Lowering our expectations doesn't have a thing to do with dreaming big or having a strong desire. Though they all end up in the thought process of how our results should be. It doesn't mean that you should have to dream low just for the fact you have a low expectation or easily give up because you expect low.

Instead of setting your bars low, let's dream big, let the desire in us burn bigger and bigger while having low expectations by focusing on the learning process, by giving our 100 percent without expecting the return.

And thus we can aim for big without higher expectations.

If you still don't know what is the problem with having a higher expectation, think about the time when your parents asked about your exam performance right after you finished it. And especially in the situation, where your parents ask about how much will you score in the examination. Will you tell your parents that you will score higher or will you tell them that you will score lower than you performed?

The answer will be either somewhat the score you performed in your exam or a definite lower score than your performance. But never higher than your performance.

And see!!!, How you lowered your expectations without your concern and knowledge. But why did you lower your expectation by telling you that you will score low despite your good performance.?

It is for the simple fact that it will feel great if your score is higher than what your assured your parents, rather than suffering having higher expectations. We did this when we were younger. But all of a sudden, we can't apply the same when it came to running our daily life. Can we imagine how great our lives will be if we applied the same in our day-to-day life?

It's easy for us to apply the same in our life, but it's like swallowing a bitter pill that we don't do, though we know the benefits of doing so. A good friend of mine once said to me to "Go with the flow".

Consider the chances given to us as opportunities and accept what life offers us. The day we follow this, our lives will be better.


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