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Letter to younger self

It sounds interesting and also a bit weird when you hear or say writing a letter to your younger self. But is it necessary for one to write a letter to their younger self? I mean, if you don't take pride or feel good about the decisions you took, who else will?

It feels like time traveling, where you write a letter, and it travels back in time to your younger self to read and find out how your future self is doing.

Remember it's always the decisions of your younger self that have paved a path to being who you are right now. So, why not take a moment to write a letter to your younger self? No one can feel more gratitude for your younger self other than you.

Now people might think it's crazy to do a thing that you already know. If so, then why not take a pen and start writing a letter and see how you feel after you complete the letter. You will be amazed. It's like thanking yourself when no one did.

So here goes my letter to my younger self.

Dear Younger Me,

I believe you must be holding tight, but I just want a moment to say thanks for all the decisions and the choices made, for which I'll be grateful.

They always say that you become like, who you associate yourself with.

And I must say that looking at my present, I'm really happy with the people I associated with such a great choice of people I associated with. And now, looking back at my earlier days it encourages me indirectly to associate with more talented people.

To be honest, I must admit that I committed things when I did not get the attention from the person I needed all of a sudden, for which I'm embarrassed right now. But, what you taught me was a great lesson

You can't satisfy or make everybody happier. Someone will always dislike you for your actions.

However, during this journey, I lost a few of the best people in life and I take this moment to thank them for letting me have a role in their life to impact my life in a positive way. Accept the fact and appreciate their time and effort in creating a relationship with you, cause you might depart from a few people's life. "People come and go" that life

Champ, there will be places where you might think that you were not right. Yes, indeed you made choices that you were intended to do. But all I can say is that "Wait patiently to see how the path unfolds". But never think that you have enough time. And it's a mistake, I'm committing which I'm still trying to avoid as much as possible.

Never ever think that you have enough time

Another lesson learned was to stop worrying about things. Looking back now, I realize that I've spent much time worrying rather than finding a solution to the problem. "Always try to find a solution rather than spending time worrying" was yet another great lesson learned from you. And now, my perception of any problem or issue goes like

If this is what it takes to come up with a better solution, I'll go through this f***ing problem.

Don't worry about being through a lot of hardships, because it's you who asked for strength and success. Fight them with all that you got and it's okay to be beaten, but never settle down. Get up and refocus to where you were heading. However, only after those fighting settles down, you will realize that there is no more childhood and now it's time to take on more duties and responsibilities. But it doesn't mean to kill your inner child, just try to cherish those moments with your past memories.

Afterall, we all spend our childhood wanting to be grown up. But we spend our adulthood wanting to go back to the simplicity of being a child

And at the last always take care of your parents. You won't get one like them even if you wish for a better one. Try to make them happier then and now, cause the feeling of me going to be missing them one day is crawling up my mind day after day.

Stay humble. Good luck,


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