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The Black Spot

Have you ever heard of the story "The black spot on a white paper"? I think you probably might have heard of it. But here goes the novel. A teacher once gave a plain white paper to her students. The students were supposed to write a usual test, but they were given plain white paper with a black dot of ink spilled in the center of the paper. And the teacher told her students that there will not be a usual test and told her students to write the first thing they imagine when they see the paper.

The test began and everybody started writing about the first thing that popped into their mind. And eventually, the test ended and the teacher had to evaluate the student's performance. But to her surprise, every student wrote about the black dot in the center of the paper. Nobody did write about the white part of the paper.

All the students wrote about how the black dot damaged the wholesome beauty of the white paper or changed the perception of a neat clean paper. Everybody criticized the black spot but none reflected upon the white part of the paper to write something nice.

Did you get it by? If you don't continue reading. We all do the same mistake in our lives or behave the same in our lives, like the way the students attended the test.

Consider the white paper to be our life that holds all the experiences, emotions, memories, all moments of your life. And the black spot as your darkest memories, bad experiences, memories that you don't want to share. Now answer, do you reflect on the white part of the paper or the black dot of the paper? Nobody wants to get stuck or attach themselves to the black dot. We all do reflect on the most precious moments of our lives. But the thing that grabs the attention of our perception when it comes to the white paper would be the stains of the paper i.e the black spot on the paper

Trying to focus on too much of the black spot in our lives will never let us accomplish the things we want to achieve. Making the necessary decisions or trying to take the steps to clean off the stains will be the wisest decision to be taken. While we are talking about just one spot stain, what happens if there is more of that stain? Could we handle it? Of course, we can't. Holding off on a lot of bad experiences will end by traumatizing yourself. Then how to overcome it?

When sorrow come, they come not single spies, but in battalion - William Shakespeare

The best solution would be to figure it out one by one. By taking one issue at a time, we can try to fix every other issue in an orderly manner that gives you total control of the situation and the satisfaction of removing those stains from your paper. One thing at a time helps you to focus on the problem more deeply and helps you to understand the real problem with a state of calm mind and patience.

Now here's a test for you. Try to hold the phone a bit away from you and try to focus on the below image. Try to focus on the center of the image, and you'll find no black dots in it. Now try to focus on the black dot and you'll see only one black dot at a time. By focusing on a single dot, try to focus on the immediate black dot. But every time you try to focus on the immediate black dot you will focus on only one dot. And at the last try to push yourself to focus on two different dots and see for yourself how fu**ed up your mind goes.

You can feel the pressure of focusing on too many things simultaneously. And that's exactly what we do in our daily life. And for your information, there are 12 black dots in the above image.

Never forget "One thing at a time"

But what if you are not able to get rid of the stains?

Then you have to understand that the reason for the stains to happen in the first place was to teach you a lesson. A lesson that would make you / evolve yourself / buds an everlasting remarkable change in your life, for which you will be grateful for the rest of your life. Not every stain hurts us, some of them educate us, and help us to mature. Helps us to face problems, to build us stronger than we were before.

Take pride in those stains, for if it is not for those stains, you would have never been able to build yourself into who you are now. But always remember, it's either you wash away those stains for which you take the necessary steps or you learn from those unwashable stains.

But for some people, the whole paper might be stained. Yes, the whole paper might be drenched in stains. What about them?

In the contrast, for people like them, even a single moment of happiness can bring color to their purpose in life. By seeking happiness every moment of their lives they eventually paint their paper colorfully. Yes, paint them. Try to paint your paper as colorful, beautiful, and magnificent as it can be. But why settle only to paint your paper? Try to be a Vincent van Gogh for someone's else paper. If you know what I mean, you will know what I mean. By trying to paint someone's else paper, you create relationships that hold a lot of memories, emotions, and power.

It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done - Vincent van Gogh

Try painting other's life and see where it takes you to. And if you don't know how to start and where to start, always remember, it doesn't matter how terribly your day treated you, you can always enlighten someone's day.


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