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Whose fault it is to start late

Starting late in life

Hi Fellas. I hope you are doing great and having a nice day. It is great to meet you guys with another great article. So without wasting any time, here we go.

What are we talking about late here? What are we late at? Being late to work, attending meetings late, starting a race late, or going late to sleep. Yes, these do have an impact if you start them late. But, it's actually about something that has more impact than any of these mentioned earlier.

Starting something new in life, taking that leap of faith in your life, for which you know that this new starting, this new step, this new leap will change your life once and for all. This is what we are talking about. But what if you're late at it? Should you not continue with this new going or should you give up the thought just for the fact that you started it late in your life?

Now before talking about whom to be blamed and see whose fault it is. Let's see why a person decides in the first place to have a mindset of taking a change in their life. So, to answer this question let's go to the first phase The Decision

It's never too late to start something new in your life - Someone wiser than me


Who should start something new in their life? Anybody can. I mean, everybody should try to start something new and see where it takes them and how it feels. But it depends upon how much of an impact this new decision will have in their life, for which only the person who took the decision will know it. It doesn't matter if a person went through a lot of hardships or not in the past, if a decision is taken to change their life, that decision is taken. If that decision has its roots deep down in the soul and the mind of the body, there is no turning back now.

The decisions doesn't need to make sense to others, until it makes it sense to you

There are a lot of things that we don't get to see when it comes to starting late. If the decisions were taken at the right time in their life, it has fewer stakes. But on the other hand, if these decisions are taken late, it comes with a lot of stakes. But is it worth the stakes? Yes, absolutely YES!!! Only at the age of 62, Colonel Sanders found Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC restaurant, which turned out to be one of the biggest chain restaurants running today. Only at the age of 39, Stan Lee got famous for his comic in the year 1961. Only at the age of 32, J.K.Rowling got famous for her Harry Potter series when published in the year 1997. Only at the age of 52, Ray Kroc started his $600 million restaurant chain which is today known as "McDonald's". And the list goes on.

Now answer yourself was it worth the change though it was late in their life? However, it's your part to appreciate people who make such decisions. Instead, we either lack appreciation, to appreciate people for their choices or we barge in and start to decide what's best for them. Now, whose fault it is? People who started it late or people who lack appreciation. Consider how hard it is to change yourself, and you'll understand the little chance you have of trying to change others. But this is just the beginning of the greatness, now starts the road to greatness, The Hustle



It's easy to make decision, but hard to follow the decision

Though we appreciate the decisions made, little do we know or see how hard they struggle with sticking to those decisions. It's always tough to come up with a decision and it's tougher to stick with those decisions. And this is where everything matters. The hustle, the hell they should tread through to come out successful with flying colors. It's hard. It's harder than we can imagine until we are in such a situation.

All that we see in hindsight is that the person i.e the decision taker has to just follow the decision. But in reality, it is much worse. Not only do they have to fight with the decisions, but they have to face social pressure. And it gets really dirty if they have to go through social pressure during this phase, which makes them reconsider their decisions. Reconsider whether they should stick with the decision or go with the flow of the social pressure.

What is up with social pressure?

Yes, social pressure matters. To understand, let's say a person (he or she), who wants to succeed in their life but started late, is being expected by their fellow neighbors, colleagues, friends, and in some cases even by their parents to get married when they hit their 30's, to bear children, to own a new car, to buy a new house just like any other common man. Little that others know is that, people are ready to sacrifice all this if they believe in their decisions and are confident in their vision, but in irony, they don't want to sacrifice, yet struggle with the decisions.

So, now whose fault it is? People who started late or people who expect the same from these late bloomers just like any other person.

For those who are not confident in themselves, in their decisions they have taken, they will wither like the leaves in the autumn. But the one who is determined, focused, will bloom like the flowers in the spring - CYM

They too want to lead a life like any other, but what about the decision they took in the beginning? What if they fail in it?

We have been tricked in this evolving world that, only success matters. No!!! It's the progress that matters. The experience that you gained in that progress is all that matters. Okay, let's change the perception. Only success matters. But what about the others, except the person who came first? Do you say they didn't succeed? To assume that they did not succeed is madness.

So, now whose fault it is? People who gave their utmost to be succeded or people who neglect the progress and focus on the ones who succeeded.

It's always the progress that takes you to the next level. It has been and will always be. And now that they have succeeded in what they want, they can have some taste of their success. Thus the last phase, The Success



Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning - Someone wiser than me

After all the struggles they have been through, it's now their time to taste the success, and celebrate it with people who supported them, and were by their side along this journey. But I still press the fact that it's all about the journey, and not the real victory.

If you were to take pride, will you take it in an easy win or a difficult loss? What would you take pride in? It's certainly gonna be a difficult loss. Only a coward will take pride in an easy and comfortable win. That's the exact reason why progress matters.

But if you chose to stay aside because you thought that their decision ain't gonna work, please be advised not to participate in the celebration of their success. And if you still wish to participate, consider whose fault it is.


And at the last, it's never been about late or early. You are always right on track, right on time. Understand that it would have never been possible, if not for the decision taken. So, never think you are late. You are always right on time and it's never too late to start again

The first best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. & the second best time is NOW!!! - Someone wiser than me

As discussed above let's not do the same fault the next time. Let's be ears to those people, but let us not dump them with our opinion. Let's guide them, but let us never accuse them of their decisions. Let's hear them out, but let us not be reluctant. Let's help them to get them back on track, but let us not be another burden to them. And I'll leave it to you guys to see whose fault it is to start late.


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