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You Ain't alone

You are not alone. Certainly, you are not alone. I can tell this to myself. we do have family, friends, and well-wishers. But why do I write this blog, despite having people around you? This is for people who feel alone, even when they have people around them. And if you have ever felt alone and lonely, continue reading this blog, cause this might make you feel not lonely the next time.

What do you mean by loneliness? Question yourself and let your heart speak out the answer and listen to it. Do you think loneliness is when people don't socialize with others? Yes, that can be the answer. But what about people who feel lonely though they have people around them?

A person can also be left alone when there are people around them. We all have been there, and if you haven't been in such a place, good for you. There arises a question, why does he/she have to feel alone amidst of people around them?

I'm not talking about moments when people are busy. It's another state where you do a thing that benefits either you or a third party, so you don't interact with people for the time being. I'm talking about times when people don't socialize themselves, though they have the opportunity to do so.

For people who felt alone or lonely, Ask yourself this question - Why did I feel alone in the first place? Take a minute, and try to find the answer. For people who haven't felt alone continue to read.

The reasons for feeling left alone can be - You might have been an off-subject at places. The reason can be because - You had a humiliating experience caused by the embarrassment you faced or because - You have mental or psychological issues when it comes to socializing. Now let's address this one by one.

If you have felt that you are in a place irrelevant to you (off-topic), it clearly shows that the place where you at ain't important to you, or if that place is essential to you, the people associated with that place ain't that important to you. In simple words, it's like - Right person in the wrong place. And if you are, in such a situation, try to get rid of either the place or the people who ain't important to you, because there's always a better place for you.

Now let's address the part about facing embarrassment. We all face embarrassment now and then. I find it fine when embarrassments are genuine. I meant you are ashamed truly that you accept the mistakes done and also you wholeheartedly accept the consequences of your behavior. But what pisses me off is the fact that we at times are being bullied, humiliated, or embarrassed by others for our mistakes. I mean who doesn't make mistakes? Even God did mistakes.

And humiliating others for a mistake is a shameful act one commits. Instead, of humiliating one for their mistakes, let's correct them, and criticize them constructively. Even I have humiliated others for their mistakes. But the moment I was in a place where I was humiliated by others for the mistakes I did, I felt ashamed of myself, not because of the embarrassments I faced but because of the thought that I did the same for others. Be in such a situation, and you will feel the seriousness of this issue. So today, I promise myself that I won't humiliate others for their mistakes. And I hope you promise yourself too.

While loneliness is found as a state of being, it has been neglected to be addressed as a serious mental illness. Yes, social isolation is a mental illness. And if it isn't addressed properly it may lead to depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, impaired immunity and also low reward/self-esteem issues which are all part of the symptoms of suicide.

And here goes my perception of suicide. We often hear these sayings when it comes to suicidal news "He must be a coward to suicide", "It's the least she could have done", and " He could have chosen to live instead of killing himself", portraying that the person is a loser in his life. But do you know who else is the loser? It's not only the victim who took his life but also the people who he/she had s around their last days, who neglected to address his/her issues and rather choose to proceed with their daily life.

Now all this time, I was talking from the point of the person feeling lonely, for a change, let me talk from the point of the person who may be a friend, a family, or a well-wisher to the person who feels lonely. Okay, let me get straight to the point, instead of thinking about how a person feels lonely, ask yourself why he/she felt lonely when you were around them.

"Why did he/she feel lonely when you were around them?"

Remember, It's not always the fault of the person who feels lonely. It's also the fault of the person who makes other people feel lonely. And to answer the question, "Why did he/she feel lonely when you were around them?" Is that, the person felt lonely because they did not have a definite purpose to engage in a conversation with you or to expect anything from you. It's that simple.

It all starts from within. And if you ever feel lonely the next time, it doesn't matter whether people are around you or not, remember that you still have "you". And just like a kid tends to play with its shadow when it's alone, "You" alone can decide whether you want to be lonely or not. Nobody wants or wishes to be alone. And as much as you don't want to be left alone, let's not make others to make them feel lonely. Take responsibility and act accordingly. Let's address people who feel lonely cause the one thing and the last thing a lonely person ever wants is the feeling that there is a soul on this earth to hear him out.


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